Steam Coal

We have strong network and agreements with some mining companies in Indonesia that are active for a long time in the local market but not internationally. With our Indonesian office, we provide their products directly to the international market. Our production companies are specialized and have a lot of experience in their fields. So, we gave hand in hand to grow together.

We always deliver for our customer’s evolving requirements to the best and most exact quality. Our aim is to build an effective and fair partnership for the long-term. Expanding our customer base and increasing our reach in the market is our main priority.

We provide a wide variety of coal specs and types. Our global networks create opportunities, and we hope to have an opportunity to contact and work with you in the future. 

Coal Products


3200 GAR

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3400 GAR

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3800 GAR

4200 GAR

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4500 GAR

5000 GAR

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5500 GAR

5800-6000 GAR

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6500 GAR

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7200 GAR (Coking Coal)

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