Base oils

SAFFRON Group is a large independent trader of base oil products. We have effective logistical and storage capability working with our partner companies. As a global trading house, we have detailed insight of large scale and small-scale trends. As physical traders, we gain direct experience with the products and ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Our global networks and trading offices are located in the major oil trading regions, this gives us the ability to identify the change and evolution of the base oil market. Our base oil trading business has good and effective relationships with very reliable producers and refiners.

We can offer the following products:

Light Oil (WOD)

SN 85

SN 150

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SN 350

SN 500

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SN 500K

VG 32 (Group II)

BS 90

BS 150

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For more informations or detailed specifications please do not hesitate to contact us.

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