SAFFRON Company as your partner for planting and supplying agricultural products in a premium quality.
Agriculture is the main activity of SAFFRON Company. With the original idea of being a fair company and helping others, we created agricultural projects to help local farmers in developing countries to live better life standards since 2008. With this idea, we not only help the farmers individually but the economic situation of these countries as a whole. Those are our roots.

Based on our agricultural activities we supply our premium agricultural products to the European industry and also produce energy drink in a premium quality for well-known international companies.

Our products are certified and the quality is controlled from the planting until the packaging process according to our high standard quality.

In the Agricultural Projects, we always aim to help our origin partners by making a fair and transparent relationship. We hold the philosophy of helping others and try to give back to the environments in which we do our businesses, in ways such as financial, ethics, or environmentally friendly.

One of the examples of us realizing our vision is by joining a project called “SAFFRON against Opium”. This project consists of helping local Afghan farmers be free of oppression from opium producers. Afghanistan is one of the largest Opium producers in the world, that’s why we offered the Afghan farmers employment and steady financial situations by working together with us by planting saffron instead opium.

Our Mission

First of all, our mission is to make our vision always into reality, by joining more projects around the world in various countries. Currently, SAFFRON Company as a part of SAFFRON Group is working with several third world countries for agricultural projects, such as: Saffron, Vanilla, Chia Seeds and Malva Flowers.


One of the examples of us realizing our vision is by joining a project called “SAFFRON against Opium”. This project consists of helping local Afghan farmers...



For the last three years, we produced Vanilla in Madagascar with the local farmers. In these years we learned a lot about the cultivation of this plant and the international market...


Chia Seed

Our partner in Uganda is a farmers cooperatives. To ensure the growth of our partner, we invest in our partner based on the sales. We give more to them, so they can invest...


Malva FLowers

Our Malva flowers (Malva sylvestris) are planted in our private plantation field in Afghanistan. Our Malva-seeds are chosen specially for industrial use...


Energy Drink Production

We are a German beverage manufacturer and are actively producing and manufacturing for big international labels. We invite our customers to create their own...


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